What is a Homework Routine

How I Established a Productive Homework Routine

When I deliberately addressed my homework frustration while learning a second foreign language from scratch, I still found it challenging. Previously, the difficulty was in starting at all, but now it lies in the process itself.

When I look at my homework, my automatic reaction is, “there’s so much and it’s so complicated.” So, I began establishing a routine to create an easy and comfortable environment for repeating actions that might become habits in the future (or not, but either way, I’ll maintain the routine).

Initially, I created folders on my computer for each assignment (first homework, second, and so on) to make organizing and understanding the tasks more manageable.

Then, I added screenshots from the textbook that I needed to print and complete by hand, making the printing process faster.

I also included separate screenshots with hints (like tables with rules) to quickly compare my results with the official answers. Self-checking homework is crucial, as it allows you to see your progress immediately.

I then moved the printer to my room so I wouldn’t have to go elsewhere, potentially encountering a busy computer.

When printing, I now have two folders: one with cheat sheets and another with assignments, allowing me to quickly check my work.

I write everything in a draft first and then transfer it to a clean copy to make presenting my homework more enjoyable.

I don’t push myself to the point of exhaustion while doing homework; I take breaks when needed and can even work with longer intervals between tasks.

One of the most crucial steps I took was allocating time in my schedule specifically for homework and removing other activities until it’s finished.

These methods work for me, but others might think they’re nonsense. However, that’s the essence of a routine – it varies for each person, as everyone has their own challenges and limitations to take into account.

In summary:

  1. I’m not talking about replacing; I’m discussing creating a routine.
  2. Creating means first allocating time.
  3. Creating involves establishing external conditions that make it easy and simple to progress in executing the desired process.
  4. My ultimate goal is to learn the language, but I focus on making it easy and straightforward to complete homework (the routine).